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Welcome to COAST

Thanks to our wonderful speakers, attendees, and volunteers that made our symposium a great success. Please keep an eye out for videos of the talks in the coming months.

Symposium Flyer


Watch the trailer for FedUp, a movie about today's food industry and what it is doing to our children and our nation. Featuring Rob Lustig.


March 18th Seminar Flyer We want to thank everyone that attended our most recent COAST/SEW Center Seminar, "Is there any hope of reducing obesity?" with James O. Hill, PhD.





IItems of Interest

Image of pizza and a brain

Read a new study from Stephanie Greer (UC Berkeley) published in Nature Communications about how lack of sleep affects our brain and our desires for high-calorie food.

Our most recent COAST/UCOP Seminar "Optimal Diets for Longevity: The Science, Not the Hype" featured Dean Ornish, PhD, Lynda Frasetto, MD, and Stephen Phinney, PhD. You can watch the seminar here

GRAS? Smoke It, Don't Eat It

Robert Lustig discusses the dangers of eating foods "Generally Recognized As Safe" by the FDA.

We're exercising more but still fighting obesity, study shows

Researchers at the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation found that although there's been an increase in physical activity, there have also been increases in obesity rates over the last decade.

"Obese But Happy" Gene Discovered by Scientists

Researchers from McMaster University found the FTO gene, which is associated with obesity and also linked to an 8% decrease in a person's chances of developing depression.


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